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For the love of coffee.

  Coffee! Now there’s a thing. I cant believe how big an industry it’s become over the last few years. COSTA. STARBUCKS. COFFEE 1. The chains are growing and there doesn’t seem to anywhere that just serves plain coffee anymore apart from the roadside burger van. Even the garages have instant Costa or Starbucks on […]

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Hotel food, survivng the buffet resturant

Hotel food, survivng the buffet resturant  can , for some people, lead to one thing, putting on weight! We are surrounded by lots of yummy food, given lots of choice and quantity seems endless. Especially in the buffet style restaurant. Nowadays the hotels are brilliant. Catering for the allergies, food intolerances and diet styles of […]

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Healthy fats

Healthy fats   What do they do? What is healthy? How much to have?   For many years we have been advised to avoid fat….That low fat eating is the best option for health and weight loss. But now they have changed their minds again…well what a surprise! Traditional eating styles some years ago never […]

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Basic Nutrition for General Health

Basic Nutrition for General Health We are constantly hearing about food these days. From salt intake to carbohydrate levels, from clean eating to good fats , it all gets rather confusing if you don’t know the basics. This article explains in simple terms the basic food types , what they are and why we need […]

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eating to the rule of three

Eating to the rule of three

Eating to the rule of three Divide your plate for a balanced diet Eat for energy Eat for body repair We have to eat and drink for several reasons….to provide our bodies with ENERGY, REPAIR materials, FLUID and FIBER to carry everything along the inside of our bodies. Unless we provide all these elements our […]

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