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What is CROSSFIT ?

What is crossfit ? CrossFit is a program developed to offer a full-body workout that combines elements of cardio, weight lifting, gymnastics, core training and more to prepare the body for the unexpected. According to the CrossFit website: “CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military […]

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Monday leg workout

Hello to you all this happy monday. I hope you joined me on periscope this morning to chat about this monday leg workout but if you didnt you can check out this mondays exercise combo now. So after warming up on the stairclimber, todays combo is . Front squats on the smith machine 5 sets […]

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Someret Body Building and Fitness


Being off season from competing means its time to grow thoses muscles. Today my shoulder workout has that in mind with a mixture of very low and mid range reps. After warming up with a few high rep ,very light movements, I went on to do…. OLYMPIC BAR MILITARY PRESS = 5 sets of 5 […]

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Morning all and welcome to my monday leg workout. Tough and done in under 50 mins After 5 mins on the stair climber to warm up I have done: 1.  Leg extensions. 2 warm stes of 20 v.light 1 sets of : lower range of the movement x10 folowed by top range of the movement […]

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Great British Makeover Workout

Today we have been filming the great british makeover workout. Having bought a wizzy new high tech video camera we couldnt wait to get to work. Its amazing how much attention has to be paid to detail. Sound in the background, people wandering through the shot, layout of equipment etc. Not only this but the […]

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Worrying about the British Body

Ive been coming to the same wonderful hotel on Fueteventura for the last 13 years and something is really worrying me……The British body!!! Being out by the poolside allows you a sneaky look at all the people around you, and in the skimpy clad world of the swim suit wearer, not much is hidden about […]

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