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Its that time of the year when my thoughts turn to the fact that next seasons bodybuilding shows are slowly coming round. Beacause prep starts weeks away from the selected date you have to plan a long way ahead. I havnt competed this year beceause life has brought me many changes both financial, emotional and […]

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When you cant get to the gym !

Well all I can say is that this can be a time of torture for those of us who like to stick to a weekly routine and complete that training scedule without fail. So what do you do when you cant get to the gym ? You look at what you can do of course […]

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Changing up my shoulder workout

Its wednesday and I would normally be having a break from the weights and doing cardio today , but I had a sneaky day off yesterday as long working hours and really pushing the weights has been taking its toll on me recently. But no more excuses and back on it today ! As a […]

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Monday legs. Working on those thighs.

If you read my friday post you can see we concentrated on the back of the legs. Monday legs for me turns things around to the front of the legs. Again format is per fridays workout and the exercises as follows. 1. Classic squats. Try to head for using your bodyweight at least even if […]

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Friday legworkout Hamstring and glutes

Friday legworkout hamstring and glutes sees me concentrationg on the back of the leg, This weeks friday workout was as follows. I worked on 5 sets of each and heavy low reps of 8 to 10 maximum as Im really trying to build more structure before dieting down from feb/march. All exercises are controlled and […]

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Thursday Back Workout

Thursday Back Workout  Well Im a bit late on posting this workout from last week, but hey better late than never! I usually work back with a little high rep bicep workout as bikini girls need lovely back width and slim toned arms. So BACK exercises: 1. Assisted chins. I use a machine but bands […]

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Monday leg workout

Hello to you all this happy monday. I hope you joined me on periscope this morning to chat about this monday leg workout but if you didnt you can check out this mondays exercise combo now. So after warming up on the stairclimber, todays combo is . Front squats on the smith machine 5 sets […]

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Being off season from competing means its time to grow thoses muscles. Today my shoulder workout has that in mind with a mixture of very low and mid range reps. After warming up with a few high rep ,very light movements, I went on to do…. OLYMPIC BAR MILITARY PRESS = 5 sets of 5 […]

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